The crisp clean sound of an edge, paired with true, free movement, and sound.  These things combine on the ice like no other art form to create a spellbinding, challenging, and enjoyable craft that may only be cultivated with practice, and patience.



Our company is comprised of skaters young, and old, experienced and new.  While our skill levels may vary, our goals are the same. Together we work to push our boundaries, and test our limits, while enjoying the beauty of movement and music. 



At CIDT we pride ourselves on fostering Creative Movement on Ice.  Through our performances, community events, and weekly sessions we offer fun, informative, and inclusive on ice activities that seek to advance skating as a non-competitive, artistic dance form.

Storytelling On Ice

Storytelling on Ice is a program for school students that brings stories to life through drama and figure skating. The performance combines classroom reading, creativity, theatre and music. It began in 2004 with ice-adaptations of Robert Munsch stories choreographed and directed by Ron Vincent. The two recent stories were “A Promise is a Promise” and “Millicent and the Wind” and these have been performed in rinks throughout the Lower Mainland to over 14,000 students and teachers. We hope your class will join us for ‘Storytelling on Ice’ at a rink near you.

If you would like a performance to come to your school district, please email:

Learn to Figure Skate with the Canada Ice Dance Theatre!
Saturday Classes at the West End Community Centre Ice Rink

10:00-11:00am - Kids Learn to Figure Skate
11:00am-12:00pm - Adult Learn to Figure Skate

SIGN UP FOR CLASSES - you can join at any time!

Annual Membership Fee $15
Drop-in free skate $10/ hour
Drop-in class $20/ class
10-week class package $150 ( can be pro-rated )

Fall 2018 Season

september 29, 2018 - free skate

lessons - october 6th - december 8th, 2018