Artistic Director and Co-founder of CIDT


"Inevitably, skating will assert itself as the natural movement art that it is."

One of the original three visionaries who formed Canada Ice Dance Theatre, Ron Vincent dedicates himself to sharing his concept of skating as a performing art. Reacting against generally weak artistic content in performance skating, Mr. Vincent, with the since departed Mary Rose Thacher Temple and Frank Nowosad, created the Company to further the flowering of the buds of skating as a natural movement art.

Mr. Vincent began his professional skating career 50 years ago. Having received his own training under such legends in skating as Otto Gold and Mary Rose Thacher Temple, Mr. Vincent was inspired to view this challenging physical activity as more than sport. Former President of the Professional Skaters Association of Canada and Coaching Program Director of the National Coaching Certification Program, Mr. Vincent was the driving force behind professional certification.

Mr. Vincent's energy, enthusiasm and vision have been of primary importance through the challenges faced by CIDT. His direction retains the focus of an artist fostering the exploration through movement of the realms of human feeling and relationships.