“I really like that the classes are small and you allow parent participation. I think that involved families and children make for a close knit community feel and when you want your child to excel, it is the only way to achieve this. My child has improved her skating! As a new skater, I appreciate the attention to detail and correction on technique. We are very happy with the whole experience and look forward to many more classes and shows.”- Parent of skater

“My child has thoroughly enjoyed the Learn to Figure Skate Program. I have been very pleased with her progress and increased confidence on the ice and have definitely seen huge improvement. The location and time of classes (West End, Saturday morning) has been perfect for my family. The instructor was wonderful, patient, cheerful, energetic, and obviously great with kids. I loved the smaller classes and more intimate approach to teaching.” - Parent of skater

“My daughter is a dedicated student who turns up at 8am every Saturday for her Annie’s edges class and 9am for her artistic class. She feels these classes have helped her skating skills tremendously, improved her fundamental edge control and artistic expression. It has contributed to her winning first prize in a number of competitions. I and other mothers, feel that this organization offers good quality lessons and workshops, with experienced teachers that get the kids to focus on learning fundamental skating skills. The atmosphere is fun, yet structured, and is much like a family to us. The students learn at a good pace and quickly progress to higher levels.” - Parent of Advanced Skater

“My daughter Julia has performed with Canada Ice Dance Theatre at school shows and a number of general audience shows. She is confident as a performer and is able to learn routines quickly and perform them on demand. I find that this is excellent training not only in skating, but also for life.” - Parent of Advanced Skater

“Canada Ice Dance Theatre has given my daughter an opportunity to be nurtured, not only as a competitive skater, but in the performing arts. I am grateful to have this opportunity for her.” - Parent of Advanced Skater

“This “Flamenco on ice” project is designed to educate and promote awareness about the different ethnic dance styles of our community, and to help skaters work with diverse music, timing, tempo and working as a team. It is a great opportunity for skaters in the company to learn a new kind of movement. The process of working with a renowned dance choreographer, putting the steps to the ice and coaching the skaters was invigorating; exactly what Canada Ice Dance Theatre and our sister company Ice Theatre of New York is all about. This is the ingenious, creative process that was envisioned by our founders Mary Rose Thacher, Ron Vincent, Frank Nowosad.” - David Dickey – ice coach and choreographer