working with choreographer Martha Carter

Fringe-folk singer/satirist, Neil Conway, is based in St. John's, Newfoundland. A compulsive lyricist, he spends his days surrounded by the best musicians and comedians in the known universe. His work combines roots music with modern themes in a way that is provocative, thoughtful and some people thinks it's funny.

He has a knack for biting commentary and eyebrow raising lyrics. Whatever he may be singing about, he is sure to leave you thinking. The tunes cover a broad range -from swing to country but "fringe-folk" is vague enough to sum it all up.

After growing up between rural Nova Scotia, Toronto and Montreal, Neil Conway hitch hiked to St. John's in 1998 and still can't get enough of the place. Since then he has had his fingers in many musical pies. He has been a regular performer at Sound Symposium and Peace-a-Chord Arts and Social Justice Festival. He has toured Canada extensively and has made frequent trips to St. Pierre et Miquelon.

His debut release, The Somethin' Family Album has a large cast of gifted musicians. He has recently released a new album with a focus on commentary and a raw, stripped down sound, titled "Roadblock." Independent ie: self dependent, he has received swell reviews and considerable play on CBC as well as college radio across Canada.” a great collection of tunes the local bar circuit has been singing along to for years" -Fred's Records, St. John's